My Name's Al

Relax—and Don't Worry

Says Morton Hull, Rotarian,
 Wholesale Grocer Holyoke, Massachusetts

Reading Donald A. Laird's Relax Where It Does the Most Good [The Rotarian for October] reminded me of “Al.” whose picture, framed in plush and gilt, has been handed down for several generations of my family, and has always been a great comfort to gaze upon when hot and bothered [see cut], The following verse is my own, having been prompted by my own philosophy of behavior:

‘My Name's Al’ Me–worry? No! Sirree! I'm the guy I live with, see! Clutter up my dome with woes? What's the good? Taint sense! I knows! Each conscious day I just adore, Plus mem'ries o' the day before. Tomorrow's sure to come in stride, Without my bein' notified. I keep happy at my chore, And this and that, an' a heap lot more, Simply 'cause I've got no room To nurse that loafer, Old Man Gloom. Listen! You! Who fret and stew! Just live today, and love it too! Every day's that way with me. Me–worry? No! Sirree!!

Relax—and Don't Worry, by Morton Hull, The Rotarian, Vol. 73, No. 6, December, 1948. (PDF)