The Madonna was dedicated and unveiled in Richmond, Indiana on October 28, 1928 in
memory of the late Mrs. Frederick S. Bates, by her daughter Miss. Elizabeth Bates.
Mrs. Bates was the original chairman of the D.A.R. of Richmond and worked very hard to have
a Madonna erected here.
Richmond’s Madonna is the ninth link in the Great National Shrine erected along the National
Old Trails Road.
The dedication address spoke of it as, “A long trail awinding into the land of my dreams” to
commemorate the memory of the Pioneer mothers of the covered wagon days. The speaker
lauded the mothers who so bravely fought the hardships of covered wagon days to assist their
men in blazing the trail that opened up the great Northwest to settlers.

The monument is inscribed as follows:

Madonna of the Trail
N S DA R Memorial to the Pioneer mothers of the covered wagon days

The National Old Trails Road

Left Side
A nations highway! Once a wilderness trail over which hardy Pioneers made their perilous way
seeking new homes in the dense forest of the great northwest.

Right Side
The first toll gate in Indiana stood near this site on the National Road.
The locations of the other monuments are listed below:
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Wheeling, West Virginia
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Vandalia, Illinois
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