Bird Taxonomy and Lists

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World Lists
Birds of the World
Sibley Monroe Bird List
Aves (Animal Diversity Web)
Field Guide To Birds on the Web
Nearctic and Palearctic
Taxonomic Table
North American Lists
AOU Check List of North American Birds
USGS checklists
Maryland Lists
Maryland Lists via Mining co.
Field List of the Birds of Maryland (local copy)
Thayer Birding (local copy)
Checklist of Maryland Birds
Offical List of Maryland Birds MD/DC Records Commitee
Maryland Checklists USGS
Montgomery County
MC Bird List (local copy)
Baltimore Bird List
Bird List at USGS
Obsolete Bird Names
Patuxent Refuge
Catoctin Mountain Park
Lists a U. Penn
ABA (Local Copy)
AOU (Local Copy)
Sibley Monroe (Local Copy)
Websters on Bird Taxonomy (Local Copy)